Fundraising Instructions

How to set up your page:

  1. go to
  2. click start fundraising
  3. click join as individual
  1. insert all ur details and personalize ur page with a little blurb and image
  2. your page will have a long URL. Email with the short link you want (i.e. and you will receive an email when your short link is ready.
  3. send it out to family and friends (you can send out the long link as well, no need to wait for the shorter version)
  4. daven to hashem
  5. make a difference in so many girls lives ❤️❤️


  • Feel free to use photos from here to post as you need.
  • Winter 2023 deadline to reach your goal is Dec. 18.
  • You can always edit your profile (your goal, photo, and text) by visiting you page and clicking “sign in” right above the list of donors.