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New Staff
New Staff

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Returning Staff
Returning Staff

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Prepare for Camp
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No Jewish child
should be forgotten.

Yeka Girls is not just a Jewish summer camp, a winter program or a scholarship fund. We are a family – joined together with love and empathy. With the clear vision and statement from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in mind that no Jewish Child should be forgotten or given up on, we will continue to provide for and reach out to as many Jewish children as possible. No child should feel unloved or undeserving, and with your help we can fill those gaps.


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At Camp Yeka Girls we are committed to Yiddishkiet, enthusiastic about our Shlichus and ready to open our hearts to others. This is an opportunity to empower youth, reinforce others with love and joy and reshape the future. Get ready to get even more than you give.

Yeka Winter Camp will be taking place in three countries!

1. Israel: Dec. 21-25. If you’re already in Israel, this is perfect for you. (We won’t be flying in counselors).
2. Poland: Dec. 27 – Jan 1. Apply today to join as staff member! Dates including flights are Dec. 26 – Jan. 2.
3. Ukraine: Jan. 3 – 8. Our kids in Ukraine need us and we will be having camp for them iy”h. Dates including flights are Jan 1-9.

Responsible, enthusiastic and committed young women 18+ (or coming out of 12th grade).