DL Konikov

There’s a Blessing to Yeka Over 100 Jewish girls in Ukraine got to experience: a summer of unlimited love, connection, joy, warmth of Yiddishkeit and family. It was extremely touching to watch one of the girls who in a regular situation would be called the problem child, be looked at for who she actually was and loved for it. The time when one of the girls from a non religious background made up a song about the power of prayer. I feel chills when I think about the day that over 10 girls were gifted with their Jewish Identity, their name. On that day we sang “I’m happy to be a Jew” in the same streets that years ago one could not even imagine saying. Yeka opens up my eyes to the reality that no matter how different we are on the outside – dress, language, personality’s – we can truly connect with each other on a very deep level.